Sit in it for a Hot Minute

Massive action = massive results Tony Robbins

As we sat in the restaurant with the young ladies celebrating nothing but being alive and the ability to break bread together my mind wandered on how I got here, I thought about whether I would be able to do this for some young ladies in the future- this meaning have the financial ability to take 12 young ladies to one of the best restaurants in the city and celebrate them. The ability to make my Foundation sustainable, the ability to contribute both financially and emotionally to the lives that I want to touch. 
Confessions on the Journey - I was a little depressed for about an hour. Really! Truly! 
Why? The fear of risk and losing outweighed the expectations I set for myself based on the past
Well, Well, Well - Awareness is a first step
The wonderful thing is that the past is gone! poof! this is now and I get to choose
So what will it be?
Massive action to achieve some Massive goals- this is the beginning, as now is all we really have for sure
I was all up in those feels, and it was important to be for a hot minute because our feelings are guides, they lead us to a point where we can make choices and decisions
When we ignore, stifle, lie to ourselves and run from our feelings we cannot heal
We do this by busyness, shopping, focusing on other people, sex, drugs, avoidance
the small discomfort to sit in the feelings for a hot minute outweighs the joy on the other side
hot minute = please do not live there, get in and get out


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