The Truth is Waiting... Patiently

You do not recognize the enormous waste of energy you expend in denying truth ACIM

The truth needs no defence, it is undeniable, they say the truth hurts and perhaps it does. I want to say what hurts more is the denial of the truth and acting on illusions.
The truth opens doors, it propels you forward. It is the great leveller
Think of all the times you have been living a lie by denying yourself, by giving your friends stories, making them up, by not living your best life. When you finally face it the releif is so overwhelming, the relief so out does the fear!
We all want to be liked, accepted and favoured, those are the reasons that we usually go through life denying our truth, denying the truth.but the old cliche applies - the truth will set you free.
Whatever your truth is, live it, look at all the people who are peaceful and doing their lives in a positive way, they are living their truth, being themselves unapologetically. They are living out loud!
Get over the fear, the truth is waiting and it cannot be denied


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