Start the Trusting Process with Trusting You

“When you do not trust yourself, what you feel, and what you know, you will expect people to be who they are not. You will hope against hope that they will do things you already know they cannot do. You will expect them to be who you want them to be rather than trusting what you know about who they are and what they are capable of doing. This is not trust. This is magical thinking, and engaging in it will set you up for a big letdown. Trusting yourself is important when dealing with others because it protects you from repeated violations and devastating heartbreaks.”  Iyanla

The first place you have to put trust in is you
trusting how resilient you are
trusting that you are more resilient than you think you are
resilient - the ability to withstand and bounceback with lessons in tow

We tend to think "we cannot survive it"
We tend to think "we cannot afford it"
We tend to think "we can wait until the right moment" (newsflash there is no right moment!)
We tend to think " I'm afraid because I won't be able to survive or handle it" that says I'm not trusting myself
It says I don't have the capacity and resilience to keep on keeping on
It says that if something happens that I don't like it will not be turned into a blessing for me
Now I'm not saying to go stand in front of a mac truck and wait to get hit trusting that nothing will happen, that's plain ole stoopid!
I'm talking about the type of trust in knowing that you are divinely guided when you are on your path, when you are scared to make a choice about leaving a job, a relationship, a situation that no longer serves you, in pursuing your clear vision, in moving ahead
You have to trust
to listen to your gut
you can only hear your gut when you are clear and willing
Trust is a decision you make.
You either trust or you don't
you gotta build your trust muscles
start trusting you, start building
you got this!


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