Press On

if it's not the worst thing, then don't act like it is just because it wasn't your exact plan or timeline. Most times curveballs aren't the worst. They're simply a changeup you didn't see coming. Maxie McCoy

I did not see it coming. The expectations were high, this project will help in defining me in my own mind, in my growth and evolution, of shifting out of my comfort zone. I had a picture of how exactly I wanted it to look.
Well truth be told, it is not looking as I want it to look - not at all
Lesson Number One - control - you just don't know what is going to happen tomorrow - expect the unexpected and handle it.  Surrender in this case means do the work and leave the rest, trust and believe.

The thing morphed into something else - something that I did not envision- so I had a choice. Resist or Flex.
Lesson Number Two - Resistance is an absolute waste of time and energy, save the energy for the flex.Its much more fun

The stress levels were different Lesson Three - stress is a choice, do the work, believe and let it go.

I had to sit still for a minute and reflect, what came to mind was:
1. Beware of the power of an unrecognised belief and thought
2. Take full responsibility, that is the only way it can be changed
3. Do not run away from it, these are lessons for personal growth
4. What comes out will always be a reflection of what you feel and your love for yourself
Press on....



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