Conscious Action and Determination

If we choose to be in denial, and we choose not to admit we have a problem, a dis-ease, a illness, an addiction then we will never be able to heal it. 

We must be honest with ourselves and face whatever we have created for ourselves and do our best to transmute it, transform it and heal it on all levels of our beings and this will require conscious action and determination.

Thoughts are powerful, but we can not just "think" our problems away by ignoring them. We can't just eat a dozen doughnuts and "think" the sugar, fat, calories and chemicals away. There are consequences for every action so if we want to change, we must first get to the root of the cause and make necessary changes, through our actions, so we don't remain in the complacency of our self created insanity. Sabrina Reber

Sometimes we meet people who are messengers. When we detach from the messenger it is easier to receive the message. When the message is delivered the person may at most times disappear.  It's Nothing personal.
Other times, the messengers keep returning in the form of different people - same issue or different situations - same issue
Pay attention!

Life speaks to us all the time!
Question everything!
Looking at it from the defensive stand point may hinder the viewing of the lesson. Listen, Be willing to see it differently.
Blaming others will definitely not bring the lesson.
It takes a level of humilty, disipline and awareness. Throw some courage in there.
Trust me, it is not easy to sometimes own up to the shit we created in our own lives by not paying attention, and then when we do own it, it is also not easy to choose responsibility over guilt and victim hood.
But listen lovies, keep going, you are doing well and I am here on the journey with you going through the same thing.
Last night I had a penny dropping moment! I was reflecting on the last couple of months. Starting off I was moaning about how difficult it was financially. I started off in guilt and victimhood- what is going on? How is it that I am still unable to move forward despite me planting the seeds, having income coming in?
And it hit me! I never think anything is enough, I always had this anxiety about money, from way back when. When I was married I felt a little bit safer because there were two of us, but my partner at the time, had a different perspective, he loved to live a lavish life and spent freely. There were many discussions about how I would over react about spending. I returned to my old self- anxious and never believing that it was enough. Never believing that I deserved what was rightfully mine.
And last night it hit me 
The issue is, do you know how much you are worth? Do you know that money is not your supply, that no person, place or thing is? Do you know that all needs are met?
Or are you trying to get money to buy more things in an attempt to demonstrate that you are who you don't believe you are? Are you holding yourself hostage to a culturally generated story about who you are and what you must have?
The patterns were stark
Awareness is the first place of moving forward
Now that I am aware I am ready to take action


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