It gets better with authenticity

In this right here moment, I accept and BELIEVE that there is nothing I lack - NO thing I need added unto me to make me complete - and NO thing that is wrong, bad, rotten, unloved, and amiss about me.  God made me and She does NOT make mistakes.  I am perfect! Peter Ripley

It gets better with authenticity! That's what I learnt yesterday at the book signing event in NYC! As I do this more often, it gets better when I am just me and being me is so easy! So how do you show up in your life?
I'm showing up as me every single time...

There was a band that started the event with music and they were rocking! Steel drums, djembe drums, bass and guitar! The folks there were digging the music! It set a really nice vibe for the rest of the night!

A piece was read from the book, one that I couldn't remember and it set me off thinking, I should really sit and read this book again! I listened and was interested in hearing what other people resonated with in the book!

I am really super grateful for the opportunity to share my story! Give thanks!

On to Chicago....


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