10 Lessons I have Learnt

All things are lessons that God would have us learn - ACIM

10 Lessons that I have Learnt:

1. The Little Things Are Really The Big Things - showing up for friends and family, the sunrise, the ocean, the phone call, the text, the showing up!

2. Do your Best in the Moment - even if you are suffering and unwell, the best in the moment eliminates guilt

3. Your Health is Your Wealth - no health, no work, no money

4. This Too Shall Pass - nothing lasts forever and everything is temporary

5. Do Not Compare Yourself to Others - You don't know their story, or the work they have put in

6. Follow Your Intuition - it hardly ever leads you astray 

7. Nothing you buy or acquire will improve your self belief

8. The Doubts will be there - do not listen to them or let it fool you

9. Show up as yourself every single time!

10. Put yourself first



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