What we look for is what we see.

What we look for is what we see. If you see a world that denies you what you need, that is the world you will experience, but if you see a world that gives you everything you need and more, that is the world you will co-create with and expand with your vision of life. Anne Davin

This morning I went on a hiking trail, a group invited me to go. Firstly I was hesitant because I know that they are quite fit, they usually run marathons and this trail was part of their training. Secondly, I am recovering from my injured shoulder so I was also fearful of how the hand would hold up. In the end I decided to go, to challenge myself and to come out of the comfort zone.
I am so happy that I did go
It was tough, the hills were long and the trail included fallen trees and bush
I made the decision to start talking to myself with encouraging words, to rest when I am tired and to only compete with myself.
At one point I lost the group, I was alone in the forest with the birds and trees, I stopped and looked up, the sun was shining through the trees, the leaves were red and looked like a carpet on the ground, the birds and other insects were making a choir. As I stopped I saw butterflies around me. I took a deep breath
It became clear that it really is mindset over matter and what you seek you will find
If I focused on how hard it was, how much the leaves made the trail slippery I would miss the red leaves, the butterflies, the sun peeking through the trees, the butterflies guiding me on the path.
What are you looking for on your trail?

Have you read any of Akosua's work?


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