Mindset Shift is Everything

most people associate assistance with something external as opposed to guidance from within. We look outward for some force other than ourselves to “come to our rescue” who has the wherewithal to make things better in our life. Carolyn Myss
We were built with the answers. I strongly believe that we are. We have this wonderful sense of intuition that we are born with that is there to guide us at all times. 
There are terms and conditions of use
Usually we are not able to hear the guidance when we listen to the noise. The noise can be denial, distractions, ego, fear. When we get still we are able to hear the guidance very clearly. Many of us are trained to just keep going, to just keep working, to listen to the external, to follow the trends, to pay attention to the world outside of us, then we wonder why we are stressed, over worked, over whelmed and tired.
The ability to listen and follow the answers within builds our courage, it builds our discipline, it builds our self belief, it builds our self respect. Those are the tools required on the Journey. These tools help in building our heart's desire.
Challenges will come, it is par for the course, and when they do you know once you go within, the answers will be there. 
So, what are you listening to, the noise or the guidance?


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