You May Need to Say No

You’ll probably want to say yes. Those are the things you must say no to in order to protect your time. In order to move the needle forward on your life, your expansion, your joys—you have to say no to the things you often want to say yes to. You need the no more than you need yes Max

I want to say yes to so many things. So many activities, projects, events. I have learnt that I simply cannot say yes to them all, for a number of reasons
Well, of course, there is one of me and many events. There is also limited time.
There is of course discernment and boundaries. The things that you must say no to help in building  your courage, discernment and boundaries. Very important tools on the Journey.
Discernment allows you to use your intuition when making a decision.
Saying no  allows you to focus on self care, that time which is essential in refilling your cup.
Saying no also provides the practice in releasing guilt which is so much of a wasted emotion.
Learning to say No is totally a required tool on the Journey.

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