Not Interested in Competition

Not interested in conflict, competition or guilt Carolyn Myss
One of my very good friends told me that I compete only with myself. I found that to be both a reminder and a testament of how I want to live.
I want to be my best me. I define my best me as eating well, resting well, working well and sharing well.
Well meaning with the view that I am doing what is the absolute best thing for me in that moment, and when the best is with me and within me, I can share from that cup of wellness.
Many times before I have made many decisions from a space of guilt and competing with others. I have learnt that this method promoted my feelings of not enoughness. There was no amount of peace I got from comparing where I was and what I had to others. It really just made me work more and more without purpose.
Having felt these feelings of not enoughness, guilt and overwork, I vowed that I refuse to feel that way ever again and decided to concentrate on doing my best in the moment.
Some days I may be not be feeling 100% and on those days I still focus on doing my best in the moment minus guilt.


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