Who Is Your Person?

You and your person don’t have to agree on everything. That holds true whether it’s other people, movies, or how to handle any given situation. Julie McClung Peck

When I visited South Africa last November, speaking with my soul sister she said "She is my person"  
I asked her what did she mean by "my person", she went on to explain that your person is the one in your corner, supporting you, cheering you on and vice versa. 
Your person feels like love
Your person is real, they may piss you off with the insight and honesty but you will be told, with love, that you need to get with it!
I have learnt that having a "person" means that you have to be comfortable with vulnerability, comfortable with receiving and have the ability to approach difficult conversations- Self Love is essential!
As always, it starts with you

Who is your person?
Have you read any of Akosua's work?


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