All Roads Lead to Self

When you are truly self-aware of your true value, you won’t be defensive.

I have been conducting an experiment over the past few weeks.  The experiments has been  - I watch very closely how I respond to comments with which I share a different view. 
For the first few days, many of the responses were habitual. Reactive, no major thought put into them, just a response with little thought.

Now, that I have learnt that we are always creating through our thoughts, words and deeds, I know that my words have power, that what I say and think whether mindful or not creates something in my life. I have started paying attention.

I noticed when I would have  a defensive response - usually when I wanted validation or I wanted others to agree with me, or to prove them wrong.
We humans can justify any action and argue any point to get our own way - I have learnt from this exercise that there can be respect in differences and everyone doesn't have to agree with us. That external valiation is not always required for me to feel good about the point I am making.

I have also learnt that there is nothing to prove. The moment you believe that you have to prove something to someone, pay attention to that. It may be your negative ego looking to rear its head.

All of the actions of respecting differences of opinions, looking to self for validation and being okay with other people's choices without proving them wrong, come from loving and honoring self. 

The more comfortable you feel with yourself there will be less need to be defensive, to want validation and to prove that you are right.

You can sit with the differences respectfully knowing that if someone does not agree with you, validate you or acknowledge you how you want them to that it is not personal and it does not invalidate you and your views.

All roads lead to self- as usual


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