Flow means you're responding to the cues of Life

It’s not New Age chillaxin’. It’s not about being a bystander—it’s very responsive. Flow is alert relaxation. You're responding to cues from Life. And the more conscious you are, the more subtle those cues can be, you don’t need a wake up call to get the signal, you don’t need to get waaay off course. You trust. And you listen and the Flow takes you riiiight where you’re meant to be. Danielle La Porte

In this time that we are now in where world travel has been put on pause, where places such as theatre's cinemas, concert halls are closed, where it is recommended that going outside is limited to getting food and essentials. How do you feel when someone says go with the flow
It seems as if nothing is happening, so what flow should I be going with?

The flow  here is responding to the cues of life where you are at the moment
You are not able to go outside as much as before, or at all - Flow with it, Feel what you feel, listen to your inner voice, sit in the new place - which I must tell you- may be uncomfortable.

The flow here is stop wanting to control the moment particularly when you feel fear.
The flow is taking the time to stop when you react habitually.
The flow is having faith, knowing that this too shall pass
The flow looks like doing new things in a new way
The flow is responding

Be willing to go with the flow
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