love isn’t chaos and conflict.

divine love should bring you peace and stability. love isn’t chaos and conflict. love isn’t pain and torture. love isn’t sacrifice and should not leave you feeling half empty. divine love radiates. divine love should bring you nothing less than understanding, kindness, divinity. Mindful Musings

How many of us say that love is the reason why they do what they do. Love made me do it.
Love made me lie.
Love made me cheat
Love made me run away
Love made me hide.


Love made you do that?
 Something as powerful as love, a vibration and energy that has the power to change the entire world caused you to lie, cheat, and react with anger?
I think love and the word love is used conveniently when a poor choice is made.
Make another choice when you notice yourself going down a road of self dishonour.

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