How are you transforming your energy?

To fully accept does not mean to fully agree with, but it means that you’ve not set up this resistance.  Then, within this acceptance, you have the power to make choices whether to agree -- be affected -- both -- or neither. Guru Singh 

I was upset that I was asked to leave the house. I was moaning, complaining,I was mad vex - that means beyond annoyed and not actually wanting to make sense. This went on for a bit. I felt justified in my mad vexation. 

I jumped into the car and as I was driving - in my pissed off state the car started wobbling, getting out of control. I immediately abandoned all feelings of mad vexation. Fear took over.
I managed to stop the car without hitting anything or harming anyone. As I stepped out I saw that they tyre has bust open and left me on the rim.

I stood there and said a short thank you for this blessing I have just received. I thought about the energy that I was carrying around. Energy cannot be destroyed it can only be transformed. We are so powerful that we can transform our energy with just a thought, a consistent thought.
Our minds are that powerful
But to get there I learnt that there must be acceptance of where we are. Once we accept that this is it, this is the reality then we can have an acceptable response.

I accepted that I had to leave the house, I did not like it. The acceptance meant that I had to chose a response that would keep my energy levels as positive as possible because the energy that we carry around filters into every single thing that we do.

How are you transforming your energy?

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