go where your joy is. go where you face your fear. Olivia Jade

Joy and Pain are like sunshine and rain - Frankie Beverly and Maze sing in their seminal song.
The sun cannot shine all the time, nor can the rain fall. There must be a balance for us to survive.
Just as with where we are in life, as we move towards the joy, it is advisable to get curious about the fear. Get curious about it, ask the fear some questions, trust me you will be surprised at some of the responses received from being ready to face the fear.
In order for us to fully move forward, everything must be accepted, everything! The good and the not so good. This is not to say we may like it. We can accept that there is fear, not deny it.

In the upcoming weeks, there will be some fear given this new normal
Be curious about it. Don't dismiss it , dismissing it won't make it go away forever, it will only delay its return and its effects

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