Accept Reality or Suffer

In my mind, Sunday was going to be awesome, I would be doing two of my favourite things, running and watching football on telly! The stage was set, 3 big games on it's super Sunday, I had no plans to cook either, nothing would take me away from these games I wanted to lie around the flat on the couch watching football ALL DAY!!! I got my supplies together, had a big breakfast and got ready.
Fifteen minutes into the game, the electricity went! I sat there in disbelief! Then I remembered where I was! Sub Saharan Africa where less than 15% of the population has a steady electricity supply! Where infrastructure is still being built up! Roads, railways, airports, hell even gender equality is still catching up with the rest of the world!
I wanted to scream! Why do people here accept this? Do they know that they deserve better? Then I remembered the lessons, arguing with reality will only make you suffer! Get the lesson and get out the mess! 
I guess the Universe had other plans for  my Sunday!! Needless to say, it made no sense stressing myself out, I had a choice I could jump in my car and pay to see the game  at a bar in town or I can find something else to do with my time! I started preparing for my next trip, which comes on next week Tuesday
After I accepted the reality and calmed down things flowed so well I put some batteries in my ipod speaker player listened to some music and prepared for my trip
After 5 hours the electricity returned and guess what? they replays of all the games were on! It was indeed a long night!!!
What did I learn today?
You must act like you have learned what you have learned! Love the messages, even the ones about yourself, as you love them your sense of vulnerability surrounding them will decrease! As you love every aspect of your journey you will be inclined to both understand and share it more! Life is, indeed good all the time! Your life has been good all the time! You have learned to stop worrying so much about what others think of you. You have grown to understand that their comments say more about their own consciousness than about your character. Now is the time to get organised and focused! Don’t worry about the money. Keep visioning yourself as organized and the transition will be smooth! Let go, let go, let go. Most of the clutter you don’t need, let it go!I am pleased that you are finally motivated now just go do it!


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