Life awaits you on the other side of risk

What can you lose? Face? Dignity? Who cares about those when greatness is possible? Who cares about those when fairy tales are at hand? (Neale Donald Walsh, author)

I was listening to a lady yesterday talk about how she was so against her calling, she told me I knew what my calling was at the age of 14, I knew that I was called for a life in social justice and public speaking but I resisted! For many reasons but it all boiled down to fear! I just couldn't see it happening. How can one live a decent life, pay bills with that calling?

She said to me here's the thing, you have no idea what is possible from wherever you are! Just Move! Just do it! Your greatness is on the other side of that NO!

I sat there listening to this and it so resonated with me! You just never know until you move! take action, take a bold step and the other reason why it resonated so much on that day was that I received a request to facilitate a course and they told me the audience and how high their expectations are of me. I froze! I wanted to back out immediately I told them listen let me think about it and get back to you shortly! That "shortly "was when I received that message! Isn't the Universe awesome, sent me just what I needed just when I needed it and so it will be with the facilitation session!
I will get just what I need when I need it

So what did I learn today?

If you can see clearly how exactly your dream is going to happen, dream bigger! You're playing way to small!




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