What did I learn today? Dreams do come true

The love, the feeling for all to see,
The freedom, the fire, that sense of giving
This must be the sweetest sweetness, the Sunday morning of our ecstasy
This must be that sense of heaven, the elder ones kept pounding into me
It doesn't get too much better than this!! (David Rudder, soca singer)

So the book is ready and available for sale! yayyyyy!!!

Yesterday was a tough one, I kept  reminding myself to leave the judgment alone! I had to drive towards the West of the country to go to a factory. While I was driving I was taking in the scenery and thinking how could a beautiful country like this have all this poverty! People selling second hand clothes and shoes on the pavement, the dirt houses, the shacks, the dirty rivers and drains, and sometimes the despair!

Then while driving I received a text from Boscoe, remember him? The previous caretaker who was taken to jail for molesting one of the babies in the compound, he wanted me to send him money because his life is so hard!

I thought about it for a minute then I said, ok get back to it
Then there was talk of theft at the base, ongoing theft! What is really going on in this place? 
Ok, time to raise the vibes!!!
Just as I was raising the vibes, the message came, your book is ready take a look!
I was jumping around, running up screaming, it really doesn't  get too much better than this!!

So here it is, thank you to all of you for going on the journey with me and giving me the courage to put my thoughts and all the sweet stuff! Strap in though I think this new journey will be even more interesting


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