Step in to the unknown! The monsters are on holiday!

Can you show up in your life without a lot of guarantees? Brene Brown, author
I have learnt that waiting for a perfect moment, for me, is a sign of fear! There really is no perfect moment! the perfect moment is when you start! Waiting just allows me to make excuses about why and what and how I need to wait!
So now, I jump in, I don't ask I just do! Now with that method I am learning that there are indeed some things that ought to be asked before! Lol!! Its striking a balance but the beauty of starting is that of course that I have conquered the fear and that I learn as I go along. It also teaches me that living a life filled with some uncertainty is ok! Simply, I do not know everything, I cannot! This is where faith comes in doesn't it!
So take it from me, step into the unknown, there is magic and miracles there! Trust me there are really no monsters to slay there!


  1. True talk!! Often times the perfectionist doesn't get as much done as they should, because they plan so much, before embarking on the task & then when the task begins, such care & focus is placed on double dotting the "I's" & triple crossing the "T's", that at the end of the day, you will have a good end product or task, but the time you took to do it, at times causes you to miss vital opportunities.

    There can be positive effects from planning before embark on a task, but there can also be negative effects from "waiting on the right moment"..many do not become "all that they can be" because of over thinking issues.

  2. I've learnt that the "right" moment is always NOW!


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