Almost there is a dangerous place to be

You will never fully be who you are or express your truth unless you can love yourself and accept yourself unconditionally. Most of us come from cultures and societies that do not promote, or even support, self-love and we often feel judged if we love ourselves, value ourselves or put ourselves first. Anita Morjani

My desire for the rest of my life starting in 2015 is to use the power downloaded into my being as a force to serve! What does that mean? To tap into my personal power which comprises of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual parts of me which contributes to the highest version of me that I can share with the world. I have been disciplined and resolute in my conviction for the past 45 days and what I learnt is that things will come up to test you when you are on the path, when you are "almost there"  Iyanla Vanzant sums it up nicely she says "Almost There Is A Dangerous Place To Be." 
At the beginning of the journey, you lose nothing by changing your mind and delaying the journey. You have put nothing in so you lose nothing. When you are half way there, you may choose that the rest of the journey is not important and by going back, you lose no more than you have gained. When, however, you are almost there, and things start to break down, get hard and look bleak, turning back is a mighty temptation. You cannot see the finish line but you can no longer see where you have come from. When you are almost there, those who did not want you to go call for you to come back and, you are tempted to listen. When you are almost there, things that do not want to be change will erect roadblocks and obstacles so that they get to stay the same. When you are almost there you begin to get tired, to doubt and to feel the frustration of having put in so much but have received less than you thought you would. When you are almost there you begin to wonder if the trip was worth it. The enemy within you you gets riled up and begins to challenge you. When you are almost there, the energies of darkness whose job it is to keep you from the light will bite your butt, nip at your heels, dangle prizes and temptations before you, present real and imagined dangers in an attempt to force you to turn back. For this reason, when you are almost there, more than half way there, you must dig deep, put the pedal to the floor, rev up the power and KEEP IT MOVING! You are almost there


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