What are you thinking?

Your point of attraction is caused by your thoughts. The way you feel is caused by the thoughts you are thinking. So the way you feel about yourself is your strong and powerful magnetic point of attraction. When you think and feel poor, you cannot attract prosperity. When you think and feel fat, you cannot become thin. When you feel lonely, you cannot attract companionship. - - this level of thinking defies the Law of Attraction. You cannot and will not attract what you do not and cannot hold positively and powerfully in thought. When you can only see what is, you will attract more of what is. You must be able to put your thoughts beyond what is in order to attract something different, something more. Esther and Jerry Hicks

What have I been thinking about? Do you know how I know, apart from asking myself? I look at what is happening and manifesting itself in my own life! Why? Because believe it or not, my thoughts, our thoughts, reflect in my life, and in yours.

Wake up call!!!

Now the trick for me is when the thoughts come up, and many many thoughts do, is to recognize the ones that are positive and constructive and leave the the others! The fear based thoughts are the ones to leave alone, let them pass by like a cloud.

My fear is rejection and not being liked! That fear sometimes comes over me and bleed into my thoughts and then my mind starts going a mile a minute. But I have learnt to let the thoughts pass and take the mindset of "so what?" if they don't. Not in a detached way but in a way that says this is feedback and there are many other people around! I also speak to myself that fear is not a problem, it is just a thing in the Universe, its a temporary experience! This too shall pass!

So what am I thinking?


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