Stay Relevant

learning is invisible and what has been learned can be recognized only by its results. (ACIM)  I Absolutely love the Course in Miracles!!!

 "Stay Relevant" - What a small statement with a whole lot of weight! Someone, a friend that I appreciate immensely, mentioned this to me on Thursday.
 I thought hmmm "stay relevant"  this can be applied to all relationships, work, personal, career, you name it! It can be applied to companies as well. Powerful indeed.
I appreciated this piece of advice and resonated with me. Many companies have gone out of business because they did not stay relevant. The CD Walkman, the VCR, the mainframe computer and I can go on, were no longer relevant and are now resigned to the irrelevant dustbin!
What about relationships? Are you remaining relevant in your relationships?

So, how do I stay relevant? I believe authenticity and a sense of purpose plays a huge role in this. the urban way might say it like "What you for?"  or " Who you be?" What do you stand for and why are you doing it? What is the intention behind it? Is it love or fear?

That's my thoughts on it for now, to be continued.....



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