Clarity, focus and consistent action!

Without Asking, You Will Receive No Answer. Abraham and Esther Hicks

A very important teacher of mine asked me " What do you want? What is it you really want?"

I said " I want to be happy"

"OK and what does that mean"

" You don't know what happiness means?"

" Do you?"

I had my usual smile on my face but thinking , where is she taking this?

" I do"

"So tell me, what does happiness look like?"

" Like happiness"

" If you don't know what you want then how will you know when you get it?"

" I will just know"

"Hmm, listen to me, be specific, know what you want, how it will feel, how you will feel. the whole evasiveness is a pack of fear running around"

"I'm telling you this, clarity, focus and CONSISTENT action"

I went away and thought about it all day! Clarity! I don't need to know the how, just be clear, then move in the direction. Hmmmm
What is it that I really want? Get clear, get focused and take action.
There are risks involved, like stopping bad habits, losing a few people, coming out of your comfort zone, but to get what I really want? Hey that is worth it!



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