How does free look on you?

Freedom is a state of mind.  It is the outgrowth of our willingness to make conscious choices of our own free will and to live through the consequences of our choices without blame, shame, or guilt.  Freedom is a sign of self-awareness.  When you are aware of what it takes to maintain your mental, emotional, and physical well-being and you make conscious choices toward that goal, you are exercising your freedom.Freedom is the recognition of the truth. Inner Visions Worldwide

It's always a wake up call when a friend gives you it "On the real" it's even better when its honest and from the heart.
The conversation or exchange sometimes gives you the permission to be free. I'm not saying that we need permission to be free but that it somehow jolts you or gently prods you into the realization that "hey, I'm free, why do I act like I'm in a cage or a box or in fear?"

Okay, confessions on the journey, I have been holding back, for real, I take two steps forward and one step back, in the grips of fear! And for what??? Because I'm afraid that someone feels differently about me that they felt before, mind you, this may or may not be true but in my mind it is looming around my psyche like a bad case of toe jam!

For what? For feeling that I may be making wrong decisions in my life and work! It's great to get reminded that we all have choice and free will, two of the best things the Universe blessed us with.

What does freedom look like to you?
What is freedom to you?

If freedom could talk to you what would it say?
How would freedom talk? What would it wear?

I asked myself and wrote this in my journal today-

"Freedom to me, is the ability to live life on my own terms, to work for myself, be my own boss, to live in my vision and realize my vision, learning and sharing the lessons every step of the way, to travel the world, to not make excuses and apologies for my choices especially when they are made with love and good intentions, to not take anything personally, to let people be who they are and make a choice whether I want to be in their space or not. To be myself, to show up as myself every single time with the partner I would eventually end up with and accept them as they are.

My freedom would walk tall, with confidence. It would say to me "Akosua who some call Yaki, act like you know who you are, like you know you are the bomb, so fresh and so clean, like you know your power and you know that you were born into a world of lavish infinite abundance that you can tap into at anytime especially when you change your thinking. My freedom would say, it's your story, you write it, then play the lead role.
My freedom wears jeans, shorts, comfortable clothes and slippers"

My freedom is right here, right now
And for this I am so grateful!

And with that I am making some bold ass freedom moves starting now!

Look out for my new book "Nyabo(Madam) - Why Are You Here? out soon..... Chapter 7 "How does Free Look On You"


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