What's real is real no matter what I do. The sun doesn't go out when I cover my eyes. ACIM

Fellas/Guys/ Men remain a mystery to me. I feel like a super hero with anything else,bring it on, I'm all in but with guys this is where my I have learnt lessons are still repeating many of the classes. I absolutely thank them for it, I've turned it into a feeling of gratitude! Although I must say that many times I am tempted to remain in my cave to avoid the lessons but You cannot teach what you have not learned, and what you teach you strengthen in yourself because you are sharing it. Every lesson you teach you are learning.

 I also wish to say out loud though:


1. A good woman is your biggest cheerleader and fan! Supporting you to the end and back and then some! Even if it sounds as if we are nagging you or being hard on you, it is all in the name of love and ultimately to be the one who stands with you as you move to your highest high! We want you to be the bestest and coolest you. Women dig when you are achieving your dreams. According to Danielle La Porte a woman would go the distance for you to be your full self. We are calling you to it, catch that!

2. We love it when you are decisive, when you know what you want and declare it! The not knowing is a no no! Turn off, frustrating. Just make up your mind even if we don't agree with you, it is comforting to know that you can! and you can make a decision when it counts. Oh and the mixed signals - yeah those! That's pretty confusing.

3. Deal with  ex girlfriends and friends with benefits before you commit! Its less messy and complicated.

4. Be real! - like, not fake! We can sense it from the get go. The thing called intuition that we posses zeros in on that like a laser beam! Stop that, just deal on the real!

5. Listen, be present, in the moment - the moment is all that counts.

6. Most women will wonder if they’re going to sleep with you or marry you within 24 hours of meeting you. (More like 24 minutes.) Don’t let it scare you, it's just a thing we do.

7.Talk to me, break it down, spell it out, spell it out for me - no reading of minds, reading between the lines, let's rap like buddies, all open.

8. I will entice your mind, all the time! In the morning, in the evening, when the doves cry! (borrowed that from ma girl Jill)

9. We know what a King is supposed to be. Come like the joker and we're pissed off or we're out looking for the King that we believe will complement our Queen self.

10. Stay Relevant!- with everything! 



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