Challenge some of your beliefs

“where you are. is not who you are. – circumstances” 
― Nayyirah Waheedsalt 

I always had this idea that yoga was boring, don't even ask me how I came to that conclusion, and I never even gave it a try, just formed a conclusion and ran with it! How many times have you done that, taken what someone else has told you as gospel before even giving it a try or investigating it, do you know how much fun and life events I have missed out on because of taking other people's opinions, definitions and perceptions without doing my own investigation of my truth?
I decided to stop that when one of my teachers said " stand guard at the door of your mind" and " challenge your core beliefs, ask it some questions, explore and investigate it"
Life has been so much sweeter since then! I have started doing so many things that I never even thought about doing! Going to so many places and events and meeting some awesome people!
Anyways, back to yoga, I really dig it now! I see so many changes in my body, my breathing my approach to my other activities like running and boxing and I really dig the teacher, she's a good lady and friend and just a super duper teacher, seems like she was born to teach yoga

I went this morning at 6am and so happy that I did!
Do something you have never done before, challenge some core beliefs you may be totally surprised at the results!



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