Crack your heart wide open

To live your truth crack your heart open. Dawn Barclay

The heart is a muscle! What happens to muscles when you build them? They get stronger right? What happens when you don't use muscles? They seize up, shrink and become almost useless, flabby, however you want to call it!

When last did you let your heart decide?

Listen, I am no expert on this. I am still learning as well but by now I ought not to be surprised when the lessons show up right on time! I love talking to the elders, what is better than experience? Yesterday I spent the morning with quite a few of them, which was super duper awesome and filled with humbling, awe inspiring and eye opening moments.

So anyways, we are chatting about life and their experiences and one of the ladies looked me directly in the eye " Why don't you just let your heart break? I promise, it will heal" 

Huh? I never mentioned heart, the talk was about traveling and life purpose. Well, I guess I better pay attention.

"The whole notion of a broken heart you hear about on TV and in songs, that is not the only way you can have a broken heart, and it also makes it sound like a life sentence, something bad, listen, that is not what is meant only by a broken heart
You have to feel it, you have to feel all of it, whatever it is! and that may involve breaking and only when it breaks then it can heal fully"

Well now you know I had questions!

"So I just go in hard then? Is that what you are telling me, with any and everything in life?"

"I am saying that your heart is your best guide, it must work with the head but the head must not rule. Your heart knows. And making decisions with no heart will take you back to that place where you keep making the same decision. Do not be anxious or afraid about anything just listen to your heart and if it means it getting broken then that is ok, it is part of the process, you then get to purge and start again free of that, it makes you free, with a clean heart you can so anything you choose. The muscle grows, it gets stronger, your heart is a muscle, use it or lose it. Don't be no bitter ole quenk"

"I am not taking romantic things here alone, you getting tied up with the whole romance thing, I am taking life, the heart is the only way to cleanse of anger, resentment and fear, your heart knows, your heart knows your true identity"

All I could say was ok!



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