Can you relax into productivity?

You only have now!You do not have yesterday.
You do not have tomorrow.The power of who you are is
present right where you are right now!How do you choose to use who you are And What you have? Iyanla 

Can you relax into productivity? 
Can you surrender into getting the job done? 
Can an open bliss state be the conduit for what you want to make happen? 
Been finding out over the last few days and so far the answer is a big fat yes!  

Someone told me once that rest is productive and I keep that in mind and now I never feel guilty for resting, I think about the power of silence, how so many amazing things happen in silence? 

The sun comes up, do you hear it?
The moon comes up, do you hear it?
The baby in a womb? heard that?

I make it a point daily to sit in some type of silence, confessions on the journey though, sometimes my balance of silence is skewed and I have to remind myself that there is a big ole world out there with people and family and friends and activities and that is important to get involved in them.

Do you take any time to get away from the "noise"? 

This weekend I took the opportunity to mix the silence and the play, I woke up early just in time to see the sun rise, all in silence. It felt good as the days out there were long and intense and then I rested, which was super productive!

Awesomeness all round!


  1. Interesting. I have become a regular reader of your blog. Thanks for sharing.


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