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. Being prepared is an act of love. And intelligence. Danielle La Porte

International Women's Day was celebrated last Sunday. I am very privileged to be born in a country where strides women have made has been incredible, paving the path for me and many of us to do basically anything that we want to as women. I now don't take these luxuries or benefits lightly, travelling the world has opened my eyes to the incredible challenges and sacrifices women still face. I think about my people, my tribe of women in making decisions because for me I made a commitment to myself to not just honor those that came before me but also to leave this earth a better place than when I met it.

With this in mind I accepted an invitation to talk at an International Women's Day event. The women were all elders, imagine my surprise when I walked in and saw some elders that I knew from either TV or hearing about them from my grandmother. I sat with them for about an hour soaking up their stories all the while thinking " Okay that speech I wrote ain't gonna cut it!" And what I learnt right there is that being authentic is the beginning and the end. I told my story, I paid respect to the elders which, truth be told, is something that I have noticed is missing more and more in society. I had so much fun doing that gig! I am truly grateful that my journey took me to that spot.

When I was leaving they gave me a plant and the lady who gave me said "put this in the earth and plant some roots" with a huge smile!

Give thanks!


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