It's what you think you need that stops you...

It's not what you don't's what you THINK you need that keeps you from living your greatest life. 

On Sunday I had an opportunity to go to the National Amateur Boxing Championships. My coach wanted me to see "the competition" ( truth be told, I have been resisting getting in the ring competitively for the last two months) 
What struck me is this, it seems that the Universe is always giving me an opportunity to learn something or share something! I came to that conclusion because at the bout there were young ladies from two orphanages and the youth prison there. I was sitting minding my own business when the man behind the TV camera struck up a conversation with me. How did you start boxing, which gym do you train? We started talking he started getting more and more excited then he said " You have to speak to the girls from the YTC (this is the juvenile detention center) You have to speak to the girls from St. Jude's ( this is a home for abandoned girls up to age 18) I said "huh?" you just have to speak to them. Let's make this happen!

Boxing I learnt was a way out for so many of them, not only physical activity but literally a way to get out, out of the home, out of the center out of their present reality. they have something that they can use, a vision, two hands and a healthy body! How many times I sat thinking ok, I need this before I can start something! Heck, I have! Use what I have, start!! I sat there thinking, Universe, yet again you show me how awesome you are to allow me to meet some young sages and to see that there is really no excuse.

One of my best teachers always says "the only thing we really need to heal is our sense of separation" and it became evident on Sunday, we are all the same, we just feel we are different, separated, some of us feel we are better than! Heal that and things will be super okay!



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