Radio Interview Number 2 Today at 10am EST

I am a huge fan of the Universe, I know for sure that it always has my back even when it appears to me that shit is about to hit the fan or things are not going my way. I remind myself how much the Universe is always right in time and on time. So having said that, there I was arbitrarily today minding my own business dropping off a book that someone requested after the show yesterday. She said to me, do you want to go on another radio show tomorrow, do you have time, let's go and chat with them now if you do! Hell yea! Let's do this!

So we go and meet the host of a show called Matters of the Heart and she is telling me, listen the lady I booked for tomorrow cannot make it, you must have been listening to my conversations and reading my emails! I laughed, and just said a silent thank you! So just like that I am on another show tomorrow at 10am EST for on hour.103.5 Radio For Women, who knew???

Doors of opportunity gratefully fly open and right now I am dripping with gratitude.

I have some confessions on the journey after the first radio show to share but I will leave that for another time!
For now, I celebrate the awesomeness of this opportunity to appear on the show!



  1. You have such an interesting blog. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading your posts. All the best for your future blogging journey.

  2. Thank you Sridhar, I appreciate the feedback. I also had a look at your very interesting blog as well and want to thank you for sharing!


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