Get it off your chest!

What you do not say can harm you. What you do not say can drain your energy. What you do not say can steal your power. What you do not say can and does give rise to toxicity in the consciousness that causes you harm, drains your energy and robs you of your sense of and connection to your Personal Power. Words are attached to feelings. Feelings are attached to thoughts. Thoughts create and or disrupt the creative flow of power and energy in your life. If you are ready and truly serious about standing your power, there are some things that you simply must say to yourself and possibly, a few other people. Inner Visions Worldwide Power Series

Not saying something to keep the peace, because you don't want to offend, are afraid of confrontation or afraid of rejection can really come back to bite you in the butt, literally. Studies have shown that people who keep it all in are prone to suffer from heart attacks and throat cancer. Yea, it's that serious! Now I am not advocating that people just be inappropriate and out of order and say things willy nilly hurting other people's feelings and being an overall A-hole! Nor am I advocating for saying things in the inappropriate time and place. Say what you need to say to get your truth and your feelings out, say it with the intention to empower yourself, state your feelings and act like you know. Say it with love, pride and confidence then let it go, this is about you!

So I teach what I need to learn so this is my mission for the next three days, speaking my truth, speaking it with love for myself and for my brothers and sisters, speaking it boldly and courageously and not being "outta timing"! This is my act of power!

For those who I cannot speak to directly, I will write a letter, for those who I cannot give the letter it does not matter I got it off my chest! For those who I can speak to I am ready
Oh and it can be wonderful things as well, awesome things you need to say, hey, anything that is burning up your chest that you need to get off!

This is my act of power!
Are you ready to join me?



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