Confessions on the Journey – I like you!

Write it into the emotion, not away from it, write it into the wound, not away from it, write into the joy not away from it. Write into it! Nayyrah Waheed (my new absolutely favourite writer)
Confessions on the Journey – I like you!
I like your positive outlook on life
I like how you think that family is important
I like how you take care of your body temple
I like how you make fun a priority
I like how you laugh
I like how you don’t judge
I like how you like football
I like you

All these likes crept up to me and whispered in my ear, you must reveal these likes, say it, say it the “likeeee”; it must come out of your mouth from your heart and hit the air. Why do you want to keep it to yourself?

I responded, are you crazy? That is not going to happen

It whispered, pull out the lessons you have learnt and walk your talk!

I said OK, here is my compromise I will pull out the lessons, I dipped into the lessons and pulled out the following 
·       There is nothing to fear, it is all just lessons
·       Feedback is guidance, good or not so good
·       It could be good, it could be not so good, it is just a matter of  your own perspective
·       The Universe loves you
·       Be grateful
·       Stop thinking about how difficult it is and start believing in yourself
·       Stop trying to control it, stop trying to control everything
·       Start, there is nothing left to discuss, what is the worst that can happen?
So here I am having this conversation with myself and still haven’t done it yet in person, thought I would start it this way!
And then it hit me, perfection is not a requirement for this process, willingness is!



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