Stand in your truth!

Everything you say and do shows the world who you are, let it be the truth! Oprah Winfrey

Many of my poor choices have come from giving my power away to someone else! In an effort to people please and to avoid confrontation - believing that people would not like me or that I had less to offer than they did or that the love they had to offer was more important than the love I had to offer myself.

I remember when I was in a relationship based on lies and deceit and I was on my knees literally begging the person to stay and  I remember him standing at the doorway saying " The problem you have is that you think you are too smart and special, there is no one in the world who wants a smart ass" he jumped in his car and rode out!

As I walked back inside, I thought to myself I am becoming someone that I vowed never ever to become, I sat on the floor in the corridor and it became clear to me through the fog of an ugly cry, he  was wrong, I did not think I was smart and special and therein lies the problem- Why was I allowing myself to be treated this way? Even with that aha moment it took me more than a year and a whole continent to realize that and recognize the truth that I am all right, just as I am, enough, all by myself!
The revelation brought me miracles!

What is the truth of your life? It is your duty to know, and know this, the truth is what feels good, feels right, feels loving. Love doesn't hurt, it feels really good. Its that which allows you to live each day with honor.
I learnt to take responsibility, I was given a mirror, as I grow and demand more of myself the reflection in the mirror must change, when you take responsibility it frees you up to make better choices In everything remember you are the love that you seek.  You and God are really a majority.



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