Give thanks

Wouldn't take nothing for my Journey Now - Maya Angelo

If anyone told me that I would be giving speeches and talks to people from all over the world I would laugh my head off, you know the type of laughter where you slap your leg? The one that opens your mouth and holla!

I would say no because it was not at all in my own life plans, I thought of myself as behind the scenes type of gal! The engine room. I was totally petrified to speak in front of a crowd, any crowd, even my family. I would say though that the journey to get here I would not change for the world. I became courageous, I became independent, I became someone who has a voice, I became safer in my skin. That would not have happened any other way so I give thanks for that.

The Journey is the path, that I have learnt. How I got there is the learning, what I became in the process.
Don't knock the process, trust it
Recognise that it is happening for you,not to you
and give thanks for it all


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