“There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.” Unknown

One of my favourite people to hang out with is my grandma, my first storyteller, my first love, many many firsts
over the past few months seeing her unwell has been hard, my default was to disappear.  I would call her on the phone and have a conversation rather than going to see her. Her being ill threw me for a loop I missed my time around the kitchen table chatting and laughing and debating.
On Sunday I saw her and her entire attitude was light, I asked her how she was doing- she said she healed herself! 
She asked me if I had ever heard about the law of attraction and the power of the mind
I said "shut all the doors and windows, what you sayin?"
She went on to explain that she was tired of being in pain, she spoke to her legs and made some changes and now, she walks without a cane and has no pain
I sat there like "what the whole hell, woman!"she was absolutely right
We can heal ourselves, that is the premise of the ground breaking work of the late great Louise Hay in her book, you can heal your life
I was happy to have her back
We resumed as before
Eating and chatting around the kitchen table


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