You Must Begin Where You Are

You Must Begin Where You Are - Jack Boland

If you are waiting for something to happen before you begin what you want to to, it will never happen.
If you are waiting to get something before you do what you say you want to do, you willl never get started
If you are a waiting for the right time, the right moment, the right person, the right circumstances, you could be waiting forever
How about this, what can you do right now?
Can you write a letter?
Make a call?
Finish a plan?
Structure a goal?
Can you pick a name?
Paint a wall?
Ask a question?
Sweep a floor?
Can you structure a schedule?
Can you read a book?
Can you stop doing all the things you do that keep you from doing the one thing you want to do?
Can you pray?
Can you sing?
Can you dance right where you are?
Whatever you can do, you better do it now
Now is all you have to work with


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