Pay Attention Inward Now

Pain is only a gift if you do the emotional and mental work to transform the pain into power. That's the discerning, conscientious part. Danielle La Porte

The definition of Pain according to the wonderful philosopher Iyanla is Pay Attention Inward NOW.  


Some very powerful words in there. What jumps out at me is Inward.Now

not outward, not with anyone else, but with you
Pay attention to you now
I take it to be still, be open, take action, in the moment
when we pay external attention - no result
when we project outwards - no result
when we do not pay attention - the pain gets more intense
when we do not pay attention NOW - the issue is prolonged

We have to do some work, some emotional work, some mental work, sometimes some physical work, there is a part that you need to play in this learning and transformation

you have to take responsibility, it's just that simple!



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