Hard Conversations are...Hard

Be willing simply to move in this direction, and do not judge how near or far you are, how easy or how difficult you think the way. Simply be willing for it to be. Be not anxious or restless if it seems to elude you; restlessness is only a delaying tactic.ACIM

Confessions on the Journey - Hard Conversations freak me out, and I know why!

As a recovering people pleaser, I want people to be pleased with me, having hard conversations means that I may bear the brunt of others not being "pleased" with me or my choices.
For any peace and growth in life, we must be able to have conversations and make choices or decisions that are not at all popular.

I continue to embrace the lessons, some I get right away and some well it took me quite a while to get. 

The lessons that I have got from having hard conversations are   are:
1. to go with courage, kindness and love. Start the conversation there!
2. be willing to be wrong
3. being defensive is a no no
4. tell the whole truth, all the time
5. expect the unexpected and handle it



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