The Light Comes In

I think when you are entirely open and honest with yourself a door opens and the light comes in - April Green

I had a penny dropping moment this moment, you know the type where you saw "Oh!" or "Aha" or "Hmm"
I was, of course, writing in my journal this morning and it came to me - I have been anxious about everything! the flow, the relaxation, the belief has been usurped lately by doubt and anxiety and pressure - albeit on myself. I laughed out so loud when it came to me. The awareness of it all made me chuckle. How can I let doubt take over this? Why would I? I have planted the seeds and the lessons will be learnt along the way
Have you ever been so anxious for something to work, you stress over it? you dig up the seeds?
As I reflected on 2018 I realised, even the things that I planned that went differently was even so much better either in terms of lessons learnt or in terms of the events itself, the joy it brought, the love that was present
So, here we are, with the awareness that anxiety comes from a smidgen of self doubt, that self doubt will fool you, so speak to it, let the doubt know that you have seen and heard it but will not let it fool you, that the seeds planted will be taken care of, with enough care and love. And when storms come know that it will wash away what it must and we can start again with the confidence that the storms will not last forever


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