Start From a Place of Gratitude

Why would you seek to try another road, another person or another place, when you have learned the way the lesson starts, but do not yet perceive what it is for? ACIM

Are you always seeking something bigger, something bling-er, something shinier, something more grand,something somewhere else?
When does it end?
And how do we decide the difference between  growth and discontent?
On  the journey I have learnt that it is easy to be stuck in the discontent phase, always looking for something different, bigger, and neglecting where we are
It is a sure fire way to become bitter and twisted
Gratitude pulls me back
It says- here, right here where you are there is something to be thankful for
right here, give thanks
Something that simple takes me back to present and puts a smile on my face, and a totally different perspective in place
That is not to say that striving for growth ought to be abandoned
Oh hell no
It just says that starting from a point of gratitude is much more pleasant than from a place of not enoughness
because....not enoughness will mash you up

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