Are you trippin?

Do not jump to conclusions, you may be wrong! Iyanla Vanzant

Trippin'! Do you know what trippin' is?  The urban dictionary  defines it as "When someone is overreacting or getting all bent out of shape over something small."  

I have been trippin' over the past few days and working myself up! It hasn't been pretty! So here's the deal, there is no fear, none! The things that we work ourselves up over are part of the journey, a message, a passing cloud. We hold on to it and terrorize ourselves for no good reason! 

A very powerful affirmation is "So what?" and really, so what? Half of the things we trip over aren't real and the other half is to make you pay attention to what is!

So according to Jill Scott "Let me stop all this trippin..... and listen"



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