I'm working the vision!

I've found that one of the fastest ways to get to freedom is to surrender:

·         to our desires unfolding in a way that we never could have imagined

·         to the universe having an even bigger, better plan than us

·         and to the fact that sometimes things don't turn out the way we thought they would...and that that's a good thing Kate Northrup

So I am in Trinidad and Tobago now on this leg of the journey and what I really found interesting is that many of the people that I have met one of the fiorst questions that they ask me is “ Where do you work?” or “Have you found a job yet?” Now I know that many of them are asking purely out of concern and love and I accept that and give thanks for their love and concern!

Even more interesting is when I reply that I do not have a job yet and would like to work on promoting my book, speaking engagements, teaching and serving the world. It is either an outright “are you mad?” or a look which suggests that I have gone stark raving mad!

This is when I dig deep to pull out lessons that I have learnt along the way, first one, do not take things personally, second one, keep the vision because a vision pulls you forward, and third sometimes its better not to spread your seeds on concrete but only on fertile ground, which means that everyone is not to know your dreams and vision at a particular time!

So many of us are walking around with gifts, talents, something inside them and don’t have a vision! What is that about? I have learnt that when you get a vision, when you have a vision the Universe is smiling and waiting for you to ask....... and you will receive! Don’t worry about the how, just do the work, have faith and believe! Not a to do list, that is not a vision! Something bigger than yourself! Without a vision, the people perish

So I’m working this vision because as my teacher Ms Iyanla says “ God never gives you the vision without the PRO-Vision”




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