Your soul is undamageable

Every gift, however ugly or beautiful should not be judged, controlled or manipulated in any way.  It should be unconditionally accepted, surrendering to what is showing up in the present moment of your life now. This gift, unconditionally accepted, should be integrated as part of Who You Really Are, as you allow your Soul to evolve further reaching new heights of enlightenment, knowing everything happens for the best.
There is nothing to fear, your Soul is undamageable, accept the love being presented to you as a gift and allow it to unfold as it should.
In this way you will find out that everything happens for the best  it is purely a function of time.
This unconditional acceptance is the key to love  of you and of others.

I agreed to do a tenk race tomorrow and ok maybe that is fine in context but I agreed to do it after an intense bootcamp workout! I heard the yes coming out my mouth and somehow I couldn’t catch it in time to put it back in! I realised I said yes because I want to challenge myself, I want to keep striving, to do something I never did before and prove to myself that I can do anything that I put my mind to! Why not start with something like this right? Simple!

So another start over point, another journey and another opportunity to say to myself, “Self, you can do this, remember the Universe got you” Some people do it with changing their diet, some people quit their job, some people speak up and stop people pleasing, some people start being authentic and true to themselves, me today in this moment I am doing this!

Wish me luck as I wish you blessings on your own choices to prove to yourself how magnificent and awesome you are

I will support you in your magnificence not in your smallness



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