True Vulnerability is an Art

Let me pose a question.  Do any of us have perfect lives?  Or do we carefully curate our public personas, keeping our true selves safe, hidden from view?  Of course, we show only what we want the world to see. But true vulnerability is an art.  It is the art of allowing oneself to be seen.  Without putting up our guard.  Without pretense.  Without all the masks we don in order to get through our days.  Vulnerability also requires vigilance.  Some days it’s easier than others to simply be our true selves. when I get up there and speak my truth, it isn’t a version of the truth, or just what is smooth, easy, and palatable, but rather, that it begins to touch what it means to be human in all of our complexity, in all our fallibility.  That ultimately, it has to be enough to say: this is me. Dani Shapiro

So this is the first time that my family is reading the book, boy oh boy they got a load of questions! but the main was " why did you ever feel that you had to go through all of that alone?" Hmm I know back then that I believed that vulnerability was a sign of weakness, that I thought that being independent was what was admired and a sign of strength, that I never wanted to be wrong and always always wanted to win! Now I feel differently! Now I just show up as me every single time and whatever happens I know its a lesson and its ok!!

Big blessings today people!

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