Life will always accomodate you

Life will always accommodate you in any way you choose. Life is always listening to the silent requests of your heart and mind.

It’s all up to you. Life will accommodate you in any way you choose, exactly how you choose. And whether or not you believe it, what you have right now in your life is a function of your own requests! Some of those requests you made openly and some you made silently. Doesn’t matter! Life is very accommodating and the minute the requests change, your life will follow suit Iyanla (the boss!!!)

That’s some brutally honest wisdom laid down there by Ms Iyanla threw down there and for me it resonated!  Life will accommodate your requests and what you have your life right now is a function of your own requests! Thats what I call owing your stuff! I mean think about it, we always have a choice even when we feel or believe we don’t have any choice! I am now very very careful about my thoughts and my words because it all starts with the word! Many people say I am quiet but now more than ever I am mindful of the words I speak and the “noise” I let into my head I stand guard at the door of my mind! And that is not to say I don’t like the occasional joke and ole talk as we call it back home but how many of us call ourselves names? I’m so stupid, I am so ashamed, I am sick and  tired, I am broke, I am a fool. Enough! Everytime you affirm that you are those things and really you aren’t!

Make some positive and affirming requests to life because guess what? Life will always accommodate you!

The Universe never censors, it just creates

What are you creating today?



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