Lost on the creek

Determination- do it for as long as it takes to get done Iyanla

Yesterday I had a bit of an adventure. I decided to take an early morning run by the creek close to where I am staying. The weather was perfect for running, the temperature was just right, it was the first day of the year, just right to commune with nature. Started running and enjoying the river running, seeing the birds and the squirrels then I realized I had no idea where I was! When did I pass this golf course? I can't remember this bridge! Ok so I guess I'm lost!

I stop running to see if I could have gotten my bearings! I didn't recognize a thing! Ok stay calm I am telling myself. Been in the villages of Africa so this should be easy! Ha! Two hours passed! I decide to come off the trails and get on the road. I look for a petrol station and ask for Rainbow Lake Road the man looked at me like I was from Mars! He said he never heard of that place do I have a phone number? I never run with my phone or with money (note to self did lesson learnt) he told me he couldn't help. So I walked some more and found another petrol station, this time the guy went online to find the place he asked me the zip code, huh? I just got here I have no  idea! No luck! I am now out 3 hours! I walk to a mall go into a supermarket and wished I had money to buy a drink. I ask two people in the supermarket, no they never heard of the place but can give me a phone to call someone, I call about 5 numbers (who remembers numbers these days?) I finally got the right number and the questions start to fly! Where are you? We just got into the car driving to find you? You've been to Africa and you can't find your way back home right here?
So I have been the butt of jokes since then! Family eh? Gotta love them

Anyways, just m sharing a random story on the journey!!



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