We the Truth Tellers

I know that we “truth tellers” need a place to come together and tell the truth. I know that those of us who can see through deception dressed in smiles would like to stop wasting energy even commenting on the falsity in the world – Jennifer Boykin

I am in Chicago! And guess what? it's their coldest winter in 30 years! I has absolutely no plan on being here but I have learnt by now that plans are sometimes my own effort to control what I have no control over! I am here until Tuesday night. The snow is sooo pretty (looking at it from inside!!) Got outside yesterday and the snow is up to my knees and walking is a bit of an exercise in patience and faith!!

So they have advised on the news to stay inside as the temperatures and wind chill are minus 42 degrees F, schools and work places are shut and all that good stuff!!

I am here and I have realized that many things that used to interest me do not interest me anymore! Case in point, people keep asking me here what do I do, where do I work. And that's what the entire conversation was about, work, tv shows and where they shop! Not interested in it but I did my best to be polite about it!  I told them I focus on being happy these days however that looks like, they were not impressed and I had no intentions of impressing them, we reached a great middle ground and had a good time!

So I guess it will be a quiet day for me today, I welcome it, time to rest as I have been going and going and going and going!!
Wrapping up warm!!



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